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Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Chistmas! Happy Yule!

Christmas Kids celebrates Christmas 365 days a year, but the most special day of course, is December 25th when Santa Claus comes to visit each child bringing gifts and the season's good cheer.

There's lot of fun things to do at Christmas Kids where you'll find educational and entertaining Christmas surprizes.

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Enjoy Christmas fun for the whole family and friends from Christmas Kids. Please share this Christmas page's link with everyone you want to wish send Yule tidings too.

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Christmas is an amazing celebration that occurs world wide, filled with christmas tree folklore, decotations, songs, cards, Christmas gifts, stockings, parties ... Santa Claus ... the baby Jesus ... winter solstice merriment ... and much more.

Christmas Kids is the proud sponsor of Santa's Village Theme Parks. This Christmas wonderland served thousands of park visitors each year with its holiday cheer! We need your help creating this site. If you have any souvenirs, pictures, video or stories to contribute, please contact Santa and his Elves at Santa's Village.

So, are you looking for a little historical information on Christmas traditions and folklore?

You've come to the right place! We have fun facts about Christmas for you right now, and we're adding new information all the time.

Creating Christmas Kids is a labor of lvoe for Christmas and for kids. You can help us to continue to bring you great Christmas history and folklore by click on our sponsors. It's through advertising sponsors that we can fund the cost of researching and writing all of this awesome Christmas information for you.

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Thanks! Now, enjoy the fun at Christmas kids!
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